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How does cinna style katniss for the post-games interview? why?

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1. explain the technique of loaded language and loaded images and provide an example of where this technique might be used in the media that you consume on a daily basis. 2. when you evaluate media, you can use a number of techniques to you evaluate critically and effectively. discuss one important technique and provide an example of how you may use it with the media you consume.
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How can you work on building positive relationships?
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What is frankensteins main goal after he sees the monster for the first time
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Read this excerpt from leah missbach day's foreword to wheels of change. as wbr's resident photographer i am privileged to see firsthand the impact bicycles have on the lives of our recipients. why does the author include this excerpt?
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How does cinna style katniss for the post-games interview? why?...

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