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17. to what degree do families generally have a member's best interests in mind

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Which quotation from the interview best illustrates ingersoll's belief that the theater can positively affect society? a- "dramatic poetry is the subtlest, profoundest, the most intellectual, the most passionate and artistic of all." b- "the theatre has always been the home of music, and this music… should furnish rest and balm for minds overwrought with tragic deeds." c- "the great actor must be acquainted with the heart, must know the motives, ends, objects and desires that control the thoughts and acts of men." d- "the great statues plead for proportion in life, the great symphonies suggest the melody of conduct, and the great plays cultivate the heart and brain."
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Which of the following contributed to the problem your person spoke about. industrialization, urbanization, immigration?
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What is a career pathway for human services?
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Jenna stood in front of the closed door. she knew she hadevery right to be here. your exam scores are just as high ascora's, she said to herself. there's no reason you shouldhave been left off the math team while cora was namedcaptain. she had never been one to rock the boat, but shecouldn't just let this lie. she pushed the door open and saw ms. jenson, the mathteam advisor, sitting at her desk. "ms. jenson? can i talk toyou for a minute? " her voice wavered, but she tried to lookconfident."sure," said ms. jenson, "but i hope this isn't about namingcora captain of the math team. i'm afraid my decision isfinal."jenna took a deep breath and prepared to plead her case. which statement best describes the external conflict in this passage? ​
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17. to what degree do families generally have a member's best interests in mind...

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