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1. how do i write a the personal anecdote/story: ​

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Jot down a few notes on how to support your position during a discussion or debate
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Im back macdoolittle to get you in first place on the leaderboard
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Luvunc. author3. what time did you __ the alarm for? a. putb. fixc. set4. my father is very. he is never late forwork. a. on time b. punctuality c. punctual5. on my way home, i'llinto the fast foodrestaurant and get us something to eat. a. popb. stepc. jump6. scientists haven't found afor thisdisease yet. a. theoryb. plastic surgery c. cure7. i'm exhausted. i need to take some timework. a. upb. offc. out8. i never read. i find what happenedin the past very boring. a. history b. science fiction c. poetryanybody showed up at michael's party. he was miserable. a. mostlyb. nearlyc. hardly10. i think you should show your teacher moreb. beliefa. respectc. acceptance​
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Which theme is best supported by the descriptive detail in this passage from my antonia
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1. how do i write a the personal anecdote/story: ​...

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