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Janet lives in an apartment with her roommate jessica. jessica usually plays music on the stereo before she goes to bed and forgets to turn it off. janet does not get proper sleep because of the music and decides to discuss the issue with jessica. janet uses the to cope with the demands of this situation.

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Read the excerpt from chapter 6 of  animal farm. by the autumn the animals were tired but happy. they had had a hard year, and after the sale of part of the hay and corn, the stores of food for the winter were none too plentiful, but the windmill compensated for everything. it was almost half built now. how does the pacing of this passage affect the reader’s interpretation of the text? a flashback to earlier events provides a pause in the pacing to slow events down. foreshadowing of events provides information as to what will happen to the windmill. the pace of the text quickens to convey the characters’ resolve to finish the windmill. the pace of the text quickens to move the story to its climax, the completion of the windmill.
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1.which of the following is an example of a secondary source? a. a biography of stephen king b. an interview with stephen king c. a novel by stephen king d. stephen king's letters to his editor 2.why should academic writers use the third-person point of view for a research paper? a. when using it, you can easily switch to a different point of view. b. it keeps your writing simple. c. it limits your credibility. d. it allows you to be more objective in your writing. 3.the author of a source may be considered reliable if he or she a. includes opposing views. b. omits information that doesn't fit his or her opinion. c. bends facts to make a point. d. summarizes facts without attribution or citation. 4 which of the following should you take into consideration when determining if an author is biased? a. your age as a reader b. the descriptive and connotative language used in the writing c. your existing personal biases d. the intended audience for the essay
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Asap ! which of the items listed below are public services commonly found in societies? select all that apply law enforcement public schools grocery store public water supply
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Based on the book, "the boy in the striped pajamas."describe how these circumstances would affect a person’s identity development (crisis, commitment, diffusion, foreclosure, moratorium, achievement.)
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Janet lives in an apartment with her roommate jessica. jessica usually plays music on the stereo bef...

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