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Abraham maslow suggested that "a person who is lacking in food, love, and self-esteem would most likely hunger for food more strongly than anything else." conversely, the novelist dostoevsky wrote, "without a firm idea of himself and the purpose of his life, man cannot live even if surrounded by bread." discuss what these authors meant and give evidence that would lead you to support both statements.

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Biologists recognize five levels of cell organization. the lowest and simplest is the cellular level. organisms here are either unicellular organisms, like protozoa, or colonial organisms. colonial organisms are composed of single-celled individuals that stay together to sustain the life of the whole colony. next on the scale of complexity is the level occupied by tissue. a tissue is a group of similar cells which perform a similar activity. tissues that are organized around a common function together make up an organ, the third level of complexity. the fourth level of organization is the system, formed by a group of organs which together perform a specific bodily process. the fifth and highest level is the organism level, in which body systems work together in a structure capable of independent life. main idea:
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Which lines spoken by romeo in act iii, scene i of romeo and juliet best support the inference that romeo desires future peace between the montagues and capulets? check all that apply. abc romeo: tybalt, the reason that i have to love thee doth much excuse the appertaining rage to such a greeting; villain am i none, romeo: i do protest i never injur'd thee, but love thee better than thou canst devise, romeo: draw, benvolio; beat down their weapons, gentlemen, for shame, forbear this outrage! romeo: alive! in triumph! and mercutio slain! away to heaven, respective lenity, and fire-ey'd fury be my conduct now! romeo: this day's black fate on more days doth depend; this but begins the woe others must end.
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One of the author’s purposes in the code book is to explain different types of codebreaking to his readers. which line best demonstrates this purpose? a theoretical breakthrough would be a fundamentally new way of finding alice's private key mathematicians have been studying factoring for centuries, and modern factoring techniques are not significantly better than ancient techniques a more recent development is the so-called tempest attack, which aims to detect the electromagnetic signals emitted . . in a computer's display unit if scientists could build a quantum computer, it would be able to perform calculations with . . enormous speed
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Which statement is an example of a complex sentence? a. although he denies them, dr. vasquez faced several scandals last year. b. people tend to use too many clauses in sentences that should be simple. c. cars tend to be expensive, but airplanes are in a price range of their own. d. i am in favor of proposition 1, and i am also in favor of proposition 16.
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Abraham maslow suggested that "a person who is lacking in food, love, and self-esteem would most lik...

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