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Glanz says that students like describe their describe their teachers as "drips, bores, and numerous varieties of idiots." write a description of one of your high school teachers or college instructors who either does or does not fit that description. show, in your essay, that your teacher or instructor was weak, boring, and just the opposite (dynamic, creative, and bright). in either case, your focus should be on providing specific details that enable your readers to see for themselves that your thesis is valid.

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Explain how mrs. van daan feels about anne?
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What is the tone of this passage from andrew jackson's message to congress? "the consequences of a speedy removal will be important to the united states, to individual states, and to the indians themselves. the pecuniary advantages which it promises to the government are the least of its recommendations. it puts an end to all possible danger of collision between the authorities of the general and state governments on account of the indians." andrew jackson, annual message to congress on december 6, 1830" a. ashamed and apologetic b. intelligent and professional c. bitter and jealous d. entertaining and humorous
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Select the correct text in the passage proofread this excerpt from a review of the film the great gatsby. which sentence contains spelling errors? there was a lot of anticipation surrounding the recent film adaptation of the american classic novel the great gatsby the director did a wonderful portraying the decadince and luxury of the jazz age. however, the background score was jarring and over the top. plus, the acting performances were subpar. the leading pair of gatsby and daisy lacked chemistry, and the actors were grossly miscast. their dialogue delivery too was clunky and overdramatic at times. the film would have benefited from a tighter and more focused script
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Glanz says that students like describe their describe their teachers as "drips, bores, and numerous...

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