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It is my first time on this thing can soimeone give me a meadal

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Describe de setting of the 1980 bbc adaptation. what time and time and place are indicated by the set and costumes ?
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How did the role of women in burial ceremonies differ from their role in every other aspect of culture?
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Hich is an example of a compare and contrast text structure? a cinquain poem differs from a diamante poem in the number of lines and the approach to subject matter the first step to writing a cinquain poem is to choose a one-word subject to use as the first line if having trouble writing poetry begin with an easier format such as cinquain or diamante it is best to write a diamante poem for the class project because its format fits the subject matter well
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The overwhelming majority of the peoples and nations of the world today want to live in peace
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It is my first time on this thing can soimeone give me a meadal...

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