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What is thoreau saying in this passage?

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Describe de setting of the 1980 bbc adaptation. what time and time and place are indicated by the set and costumes ?
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Read this excerpt from "hope, despair and memory" and answer the question. and yet it is surely human to forget, even to want to forget. the ancients saw it as a divine gift. indeed if memory us to survive, forgetting allows us to go on living. how could we go on with our daily lives, if we remained constantly aware of the dangers and ghosts surrounding us? the talmud tells us that without the ability to forget, man would soon cease to learn. without the ability to forget, man would live in a permanent, paralyzing fear of death. only god and god alone can and must remember everything. which of the following is true about the above excerpt? ethos is used in reference to “dangers and ghosts.” logos is used in saying all men forget and want to forget, because the talmud also praised forgetting. ethos is used in referring to the ancients, the talmud, and god. pathos is used without loaded language.
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