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Why is it important to give credit to outside sources?

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Which best describes “exploring the moment “
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Which sentence uses all its nominative case pronouns correctly? a we live on the same street b them and rachel are good skaters. c the redskins fans in the family are fred and me d have joanne and him played tennis together before?
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Which passage is an example of rising action in edgar allan poe`s "the black cat
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Read the excerpt from "save the redwoods."another, one of the finest in the grove, more than three hundred feet high, was skinned alive to a height of one hundred and sixteen feet from the ground and the bark sent to london to show how fine and big that calaveras tree was—as sensible a scheme as skinning our great men would be to prove their greatness. which  best  describes how the excerpt appeals to readers’ emotions? the excerpt provides facts about the tree, which impresses readers’ scientific minds. the excerpt describes how the tree traveled to london, which excites the readers’ sense of adventure. the excerpt compares the tree to a person, which makes readers feel sympathetic toward the tree. the excerpt explains how to skin a tree, which makes readers feel awed at the height of the tree.
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Why is it important to give credit to outside sources?...

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