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Who can write a sammary for this for 98 points

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Which word best describes the tone of this excerpt from daly's sixteen ​
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Question 5 the poet protests against child labor and condemns the harm done to children exploited in this practice. yet in lines 23-24, the child narrator writes that “tho' the morning was cold, tom was happy and warm / so if all do their duty, they need not fear harm.” this is an ironic expression of the narrator’s
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Describe the term romanticism. how is it evident in the poems of the era? be sure to include information related to poems from at least two authors. support your response with evidence related to form, sound, structure, and other poetic elements.
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Ill give 50 points and brainiest if i can. would be grateful for any on this. the industrial revolution moved the united states into a new economic era. using the resources provided respond to the following prompts as they deal with economic development in the united states. using the maps available on the web links tab, explain the economic development of the united states, especially in regard to its emergence as a major industrial power. (focus on industrial sections; cities and towns; territorial growth; agricultural, mineral, and resource regions; coal fields; slavery; value and production; and distribution of agriculture and manufacturing areas.) using the available maps, explain the economic advantages of the physical geography of the united states. explain the gains that the united states made from trade.
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Who can write a sammary for this for 98 points...

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