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Alandfill is leaking an effluent with a concentration of chromium of 150 |mg/l. it seeps into an aquifer with a hydraulic conductivity of 7.5 m/day, a gradient of 0.0035, and an effective porosity of 0.15. a down-gradient monitoring well is located 75 m from the landfill. a) what would the sodium concentration be in this monitoring well 365 days after the leak begins? note: in this problem you will need to find erfc(-x), which is equal to 1+ erf(x)

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Amass of m 1.5 kg of steam is contained in a closed rigid container. initially the pressure and temperature of the steam are: p 1.5 mpa and t 240°c (superheated state), respectively. then the temperature drops to t2= 100°c as the result of heat transfer to the surroundings. determine: a) quality of the steam at the end of the process, b) heat transfer with the surroundings. for: p1.5 mpa and t 240°c: enthalpy of superheated vapour is 2900 kj/kg, specific volume of superheated vapour is 0. 1483 m/kg, while for t 100°c: enthalpy of saturated liquid water is 419kj/kg, specific volume of saturated liquid water is 0.001043m/kg, enthalpy of saturated vapour is 2676 kj/kg, specific volume of saturated vapour is 1.672 m/kg and pressure is 0.1 mpa.
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Asingle-geared blanking press has a stroke of 200 mm and a rated capacity of 320 kn. a cam driven ram is assumed to be capable of delivering the full press load at constant force during the last 15 percent of a constant-velocity stroke. the camshaft has an average speed of 90 rev/min and is geared to the flywheel shaft at a 6: 1 ratio. the total work done is to include an allowance of 16 percent for friction a) estimate the maximum energy fluctuation b) find the rim weight for an effective diameter of 1.2 m and a coefficient of speed fluctuation of 0.10
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During a steady flow process, the change of energy with respect to time is zero. a)- true b)- false
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Ariver flows from north to south at 8 km/h. a boat is to cross this river from west to east at a speed of 20 km/h (speed of the boat with respect to the earth/ground). at what angle (in degrees) must the boat be pointed upstream such that it will proceed directly across the river (hint: find the speed of the boat with respect to water/river)? a 288 b. 21.8 c. 326 d. 30.2
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Alandfill is leaking an effluent with a concentration of chromium of 150 |mg/l. it seeps into an aqu...

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