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Alandfill is leaking an effluent with a concentration of chromium of 150 |mg/l. it seeps into an aquifer with a hydraulic conductivity of 7.5 m/day, a gradient of 0.0035, and an effective porosity of 0.15. a down-gradient monitoring well is located 75 m from the landfill. a) what would the sodium concentration be in this monitoring well 365 days after the leak begins? note: in this problem you will need to find erfc(-x), which is equal to 1+ erf(x)

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Amass of 1.5 kg of air at 120 kpa and 24°c is contained in a gas-tight, frictionless piston-cylinder device. the air is now compressed to a final pressure of 720 kpa. during the process, heat is transferred from the air such that the temperature inside the cylinder remains constant. calculate the boundary work input during this process.
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If the thermal strain developed in polyimide film during deposition is given as 0.0044. assume room temperature is kept at 17.3 c, and thermal coefficient of expansion for the film and the substrate are 54 x 10^-6c^-1 and 3.3 x 10^-6c^-1respectively. calculate the deposition temperature.
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An electrical motor raises a 50kg load at a construct velencity .calculate the power of the motor, if it takes 40sec to raise the load through a height of 24m(take g =9.8n/g)​
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Aflywheel accelerates for 5 seconds at 2 rad/s2 from a speed of 20 rpm. determine the total number of revolutions of the flywheel during the period of its acceleration. a.5.65 b.8.43 c. 723 d.6.86
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Alandfill is leaking an effluent with a concentration of chromium of 150 |mg/l. it seeps into an aqu...

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