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Zac doesn’t understand why he didn’t get a high grade on his latest assignment. what would be a good next step for him to figure out how he can improve?

he can check the comments his instructor left with his grade.

ignore the last assignment and try a completely new approach.

he can ask a friend what grade she got on the assignment.

he can ignore the problem and see if it happens again.

thomas wants to find a more ergonomic laptop stand than the one he currently uses for schoolwork. he should look for a stand that:
has extra storage space.

tilts the laptop upwards.

is lower than his shoulders.

keeps his hands comfortable.

what is the advantage of creating a study schedule broken down into individual hours?

students can more easily focus on specific topics that are giving them trouble.

it is easier to tell exactly how much time is spent on a particular study session.

it allows students to fit more tasks into the same amount of study time.

it allows students to vary their study periods on different days

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Zac doesn’t understand why he didn’t get a high grade on his latest assignment. what would be a good...

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