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Viết phương trình hoá học :nước tác dụng oxi?

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A6.10 m nacl can be made by adding [x]g of nacl to a container and making the volume of water up to the 1.00 l line
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Select the correct text in the passage. which sentences describe examples of sustainable living? i live in an old apartment building downtown, but my company is based in an office park on the outskirts of the city. i drive an old car that needs to be replaced. i plan to buy a hybrid for better gas mileage, but for now i am able to carpool with a couple of friends from work. the drive to the office park is about 45 minutes each way, but we do get to work in a modern building. the architects just received a leed certification for the design.
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Water's surface tension and heat storage capacity are accounted for by its a) orbitals b) weight c) hydrogen bonds d) mass e) size
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Ascientist measures the speed of sound in a monatomic gas to be 449 m/s at 20∘c. what is the molar mass of this gas?
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