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Diamonds are made up almost entirely of what element?

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Sarah wants to know where in her garden chamomile would grow the best. she thinks chamomile will grow best in the corner of the garden that gets the most sunlight. to test her hypothesis, she decides to plant several groups of chamomile in her garden as an experiment. which of the following variables will sarah need to measure to know which group of plants grew best? a. the location of the plants b. the type of plants c. the height of the plants d. the amount of water she gives the plants
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This question is about electrolysis. metal spoons can be coated with silver. this is called electroplating. suggest one reason why spoons are electroplated?
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Americium-241 undergoes fission to produce three neutrons per fission event. if a neutron-absorbing material is mixed in with this sample so that the rate of neutron production drops down to 1.8 neutrons per fission event, which will be effective at achieving a critical mass? check all that apply. remove a deflective shield surrounding the sample. remove absorbent material mixed in with the sample. compress the sample of americium-241.
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Stage in which a star’s outer layers have started to cool and grow outward?
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Diamonds are made up almost entirely of what element?...

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