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What are the characteristics that describe and element

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Aballoon contain 0.5 l of air at 101.5 you squueeze it to the volume 0.25 what's the pressure inside
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This element exists in adundance in the sun. explain how you would go about capturing sunlight. would this captured sunlight contain any of the element?
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2,20 k of air at 1,10 atm is allowed to expand to fill a 6.30 l container. find the final pressure.
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Astructure of molecular formula c5h12o has the following nmr: 1h nmr (300 mmhz, cdcl3, 21c) 0.92 ppm (t, 3h, j = 7hz), 1.20 (s, 6h), 1.50 (q, 2h, j = 7 hz), 1.64 (broad singlet, 1h). choose the chemical shift of the three lines in the triplet signal at 0.92 ppm? (select all correct answers) 0.842 ppm 0.998 ppm 6.080 ppm 0.920 ppm 0.943 ppm 7.920 ppm 0.897 ppm
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What are the characteristics that describe and element...

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