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How many carbon atoms are there in 1.00 mol of c2h6?

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Oxidation-reduction reactions (often called "redox" for short) are reactions that involve the transfer of electrons from one species to another. oxidation states, or oxidation numbers, allow chemists to keep track of these electron transfers. in general, one element will lose electrons (oxidation), with the result that it will increase in oxidation number, and another element will gain electrons (reduction), thereby decreasing in oxidation number. the species that is oxidized is called the reducing agent or reductant. the species that is reduced is called the oxidizing agent or oxidant. to sum up: oxidation = increase in oxidation state = loss of electrons = reducing agent reduction = decrease in oxidation state = gain of electrons = oxidizing agent part a which element is oxidized in this reaction? fe2o3+3co→2fe+3co2 enter the elemental symbol. view available hint(s) is oxidized part b which element is reduced in this reaction? 2hcl+2kmno4+3h2c2o4→6co2+2mno2+2kcl +4h2o enter the elemental symbol. view available hint(s) is reduced
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How many carbon atoms are there in 1.00 mol of c2h6?...

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