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Use the development of the atomic model to explain how scientists refine and build off each other’s findings, in order to develop a theory?

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A650 ml sodium bromine solution has a bromide ion concentration of 0.245 m. what is the mass (g) of sodium bromide in solution? a) 103.b)0.00155.c)16400.d) 16.4.e) 0.159​
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Nan element’s square on the periodic table, the number with the greatest numerical value represents the
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Listenbase your answer to this question on the information below. hydrocarbons and fissionable nuclei are among the sources used for the production of energy in the united states. a chemical reaction produces much less energy than a nuclear reaction per mole of reactant. the balanced chemical equation below represents the reaction of one molecule of a hydrocarbon with two molecules of oxygen. chemical equation: ch4 + 2o2 → co2 + 2h2o + 1.48 × 10−18 jthe nuclear equation below represents one of the many possible reactions for one fissionable nucleus. in this equation, x represents a missing product. nuclear equation: write an isotopic notation for the missing product represented by x in the nuclear equation.
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Which is a characteristic of the electron sea model for metallic bonding? molecular orbitals overlap to produce bands. electrons flow easily between metal nuclei. electrons are in fixed positions in the orbitals. atomic nuclei are arranged in an irregular pattern.
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Use the development of the atomic model to explain how scientists refine and build off each other’s...

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