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The 14 shown in fluorine-14 is called the

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In the 1800s, one of the statements in john dalton's atomic theory was that atoms are indivisible. later experimental evidence led to the discovery of subatomic particles such as neutrons, electrons, and protons. what happened to the indivisible atom part of dalton's atomic theory, and why?
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Each pair of clay balls represents to planetesimals if each plane test molluscum pound of the same material and is separated by the same distance which pair experiences the greatest gravitational attraction
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Ineed someone to see if my answers are correct! if any are wrong let me know what the correct answers would be and how to get that answer! 1. how many moles of sodium chloride are in 28 grams od nacl? a. 265 mole naclb. 856 mole naclc. 479 mole of nacld. 1.2 mole nacl < my choice2. 734 grams of lithium sulfate (li2so4) are dissolved to make 2500 ml of solution what is rhe molaratiy? a. 2.67 mb. 4.56 mc. 3.89 m < my choiced. 1.78 m3. how many grams of cacl2 would be dissolved in 3.0 l of a 0.50 m solution of cacl2? a. 250 g cacl2 b. 166.5 g cacl2c. 113.65 g cacl2d. 98 g cacl2 < my choice4. suppose you had 58.44 g of nacl and you dissolved it in exactly 2.00 liters. the molarity if the solution would be 0.5 mtrue < my choicefalse 5. i would need 22g of naoh to make a 3.0 m solution using 250 ml of solvent. true < my choicefalse6. identify the solute: you have a .0195 m solution made from using 6.5 g of solute and 3 l of solvent. identify the solute by solving for molar weight. a. the solute is nacl because the molar weight is 58.43 g/mol < my choiceb. the solute is h2so4 because the molar weight is 98.06 g/molc. the solute is cacl2 because the molar weight is 111.11 g/mol
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The 14 shown in fluorine-14 is called the...

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