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Which type of solution is one with a ph of 8?

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Matches the chemical name of each oxide of phosphorus to its chemical formula
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If we compare and contrast electromagnetic waves with sound waves, all but one statement is true. that is a) sound waves require a medium to travel while electromagnetic waves do not. b) electromagnetic waves can travel through the vacuum of space while sound waves cannot. c) electromagnetic waves must have a medium in which to travel, but sound waves can travel anywhere. eliminate d) sound waves must bounce off of matter in order to travel while electromagnetic waves do not require matter to be present.
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A5.000 g sample of niso4 h2o decomposed to give 2.755 g of anhydrous niso4. what is the formula of the hydrate? what is the full chemical name for the hydrate? what is the molar mass of the hydrate? niso4•_h2o what is the mass % of water in the hydrate?
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Apush or pull that moves or changes and object when to objects touch
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Which type of solution is one with a ph of 8?...

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