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Which names identifies the acid hbr

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It is important to wear proper protective equipment in lab even when not actively performing experiments because accidents can affect any researcher, even one not working on an experiment. select the best answer from the choices provided
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The wave shown on the electromagnetic spectrum disturb the medium it passes through a)different frequency. b)the same frequency .
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These questions are based on the attached photo. the experiment is about burning magnesium metal with oxygen. 1. write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction you are performing. 2. calculate the mass of magnesium metal used in each trial. o trial 1: o trial 2: 3. calculate the actual yield of magnesium oxide for each trial. o trial 1: o trial 2: 4. magnesium is the limiting reactant in this experiment. calculate the theoretical yield of mgo for each trial. o trial 1: o trial 2: 5. determine the percent yield of mgo for your experiment for each trial. o trial 1: o trial 2: 6. determine the average percent yield of mgo for the two trials. your company currently uses a process with a similar cost of materials that has an average percent yield of 91 percent. if the average percent yield of this process is higher than that, this could save the company money. what is your recommendation to the company? support your recommendation using your data, calculations, and understanding of stoichiometry gathered from this lab.
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Estimate the molar mass of the gas that effuses at 1.6 times the effusion rate of carbon dioxide.
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