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P& g "tide loads of hope" program provides mobile laundromats and loads of clean laundry to families in disaster-stricken areas. this is an example of marketing.

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You wants to open a saving account. which account will grow his money the most
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Parks corporation is considering an investment proposal in which a working capital investment of $10,000 would be required. the investment would provide cash inflows of $2,000 per year for six years. the working capital would be released for use elsewhere when the project is completed. if the company's discount rate is 10%, the investment's net present value is closest to (ignore income taxes) ?
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Garrett is an executive vice president at samm hardware. he researches a proposal by a larger company, maximum hardware, to combine the two companies. by analyzing past performance, conducting focus groups, and interviewing maximum employees, garrett concludes that maximum has poor profit margins, sells shoddy merchandise, and treats customers poorly. what actions should garrett and samm hardware take? a. turn down the acquisition offer and prepare to resist a hostile takeover. b. attempt a friendly merger and use managerial hubris to improve results at maximum. c. welcome the acquisition and use knowledge transfer to impart sam hardware's management practices. d. do nothing; the two companies cannot combine without samm hardware's explicit consent.
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Match the steps for conducting an informational interview with the task involved in each step or its purpose. 1. research your chosen career field. 2. identify someone to interview. 3. prepare for the interview. 4. conduct the informational interview. 5. follow up with your interviewer. a. learn more about a company that interests you. b. encourage the interviewer to do most of the talking while you take notes. c. write a handwritten -you letter to express that you want to stay in touch. d. make contact through email, a phone call, or mail to arrange the meeting. e. choose a conservative, professional ensemble to wear.
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P& g "tide loads of hope" program provides mobile laundromats and loads of clean laundry to fami...

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