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Dealing with pressure is unimportant in today’s business environment. true or false

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True false: in the questions below, circle the correct answer (or highlight in yellow if doing via edmodo) 11. true false understanding how the product gets to the customer define the business. 12. true false most wholesalers sell directly to the public. 13. true false a retailer might sell products at a store or over the internet. true false large manufacturing companies typically sell products to wholesalers. true false most service businesses are also manufacturers. true false manufacturing is the dominant business type in america today. true false most business start-ups in recent years have been service businesses. true false mcdonalds restaurants are manufacturing businesses. true false the price of a product decreases as it goes along the distribution chain. true false an fob location identifier is always the name of a city.
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Dealing with pressure is unimportant in today’s business environment
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4. scientists are not concerned with the human impact on the environment. true or false? 5. land environments are different that water environments. true or false? 6. the environment in our lifetime is the same as it was hundreds of years ago. true or false? 7. weather usually affects small areas. true or false? 8. biology is the study of all the living plants, animals, microbes, and diseases that exist in the environment. true or false? 9. the atmosphere is are part of the environment that does not directly affect us. true or false? 10. humans are the most significant environmental factor because they have the power to drastically change the environmental. true or false?
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1. expansion will always come with additional expenses true or false 2. whether the business owner likes the type of business he or she is in is not important true or false 3. many franchises require franchisees to pay royalties true or false 4. once a business owner proves that a franchise is successful his or her franchise will automatically be renewed true or false 5. buying an existing business may allow a new business owner to start making money right away true or false 6. clearly assigned roles and responsibilities are particularly important in family businesses true or false 7. which of the following is a potential consequence if a business has more clients than it can handle? a. it may be purchased by another business b. it may lose clients c. it may be forced to close d. it may get many customer referrals 8. why is firing a family membe
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Dealing with pressure is unimportant in today’s business environment. true or false...

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