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Spielberg inc. signed a $300,000 noninterest-bearing note due in two years from a production company eager to do business. comparable borrowings have carried an 11% interest rate. what is the value of this debt at its inception?

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Carlos hears juan and rita’s complaints about the new employees with whom they have to work with, as well as their threats to quit the company. if carlos were to reassign juan and rita to new, unique roles and separate them from the ronny and bill, it would signal that carlos has moved into the stage of managing resistance.
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Andy owns islander surfboard inc. in the past, andy has always given his employees bonuses during the holidays if they reached certain sales goals. this year, even though the company is thriving, he decided to cut bonuses from employees and award them to himself instead. what ethical theory of leadership is andy following?
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Right medical introduced a new implant that carries a five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. based on industry experience with similar product introductions, warranty costs are expected to approximate 2% of sales. sales were $8 million and actual warranty expenditures were $42,750 for the first year of selling the product. what amount (if any) should right report as a liability at the end of the year?
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Your sister is thinking about starting a new business. the company would require $375,000 of assets, and it would be financed entirely with common stock. she will go forward only if she thinks the firm can provide a 13.5% return on the invested capital, which means that the firm must have an roe of 13.5%. how much net income must be expected to warrant starting the business? a. $41,234b. $43,405c. $45,689d. $48,094e. $50,625
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Spielberg inc. signed a $300,000 noninterest-bearing note due in two years from a production company...

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