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An effective financial management process is dependent on a number of factors. crucial is the establishment of a sound system of internal control to minimise risk and maximise effectiveness. outline your understanding of internal control and why it is important to have a system in place as part of the financial management process. what are the key areas that need to be considered when implementing internal controls? give an example of three (3) key controls that will assist in achieving these objectives

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When considering internal controls, a. auditors can ignore controls affecting internal management information. b. auditors are concerned with the client's internal controls over the safeguarding of assets if they affect the financial statements. c. management is responsible for understanding and testing internal control over financial reporting. d. companies must use the coso framework to establish internal controls.
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Description term a. policies and procedures put in place by management to address the risks identified during the risk assessment process. b. a process, involving both ongoing activities and separate evaluations, that enables an organization to evaluate the effectiveness of its system of internal control over time. c. the foundation for all the other elements of internal control, setting the overall tone for the organization. d. the process of capturing and communicating operational, financial, and compliance-related information. e. identifying, analyzing, and managing those risks that pose a threat to the achievement of the organization’s objectives.
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The sarbanes-oxley act of 2002 requires a report on internal control by management. which item would not be contained in this report? management’s assessment of the company’s liquidity and the availability of capital to the company management’s responsibility for establishing and maintaining internal control management’s assessment of the effectiveness of internal controls over financial reporting a public accounting firm’s verification of management’s conclusions on internal control
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The sarbanes-oxley act of 2002 requires management to include a report on the effectiveness of icfr in the entity's annual report. it also requires auditors on the effectiveness of icpr. which of the following statements concerning these requirements is false a) the auditar should evaluated whether internal controls over financial reporting are designed and operating effectively. b) management's report should state its responsibility for establishing and maintaining an adequate internal control system . c) management should identify material weaknesses in its report. d) the auditor should provide recomendations for improving internal control in the audit report.
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An effective financial management process is dependent on a number of factors. crucial is the establ...

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