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The green company, an accrual basis taxpayer, provides business-consulting services. clients generally pay a retainer at the beginning of a 12-month period. this entitles the client to no more than 40 hours of services. once the client has received 40 hours of services, green charges $500 per hour. green company allocates the retainer to income based on the number of hours worked on the contract. at the end of the tax year, the company had $50,000 of unearned revenues from these contracts. the company also had $10,000 in unearned rent income received from excess office space leased to other companies. based on the above, green must include in gross income for the current year: a. $60,000.b. $50,000.c. $10,000.d. $0.e. none of these.

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Malcolm has several receipts from recent transactions that he entered in his records. the receipts include an atm receipt for an $80.00 deposit, a grocery store receipt for $25.50, and a paycheck deposit slip for $650.00 when he finishes entering his transactions, malcolm realizes that his balance is incorrect. assuming that malcolm had no beginning balance, what should his correct balance be?
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The link between volume of production and the cost of building manufacturing operations is particularly important in industries characterized byanswers: process innovations. product manufacturing. product innovation. process manufacturing.
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Astock is expected to pay a dividend of $3 in eight months. a one-year long forward contract on the stock is entered into when the stock price is $40 and the risk-free rate of interest is 10% per annum with continuous compounding. a. what are the forward price and the initial value of the forward contract? b. six months later, the price of the stock is $45 and the risk-free interest rate is still 10%. (i) what are the forward price, and change in forward price from six months ago. (ii) briefly describe in words what the value of the initial forward contract is. (iii) show the appropriate equation for calculating the value of the initial forward contract and then calculate the value of the initial forward contract if forward price is $49 now
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Jennifer purchased a house in a brand new development in the outskirts of town. when her house was built, the nearest fire department was nearly 20 miles away. as her neighborhood developed, the density of the community called for a new fire department 1.5 miles away. what effect will the new fire station have on her homeowners insurance premium? a. a new fire department will be more demanding on local taxes. her annual premium will go up. b. the location of a fire department has no bearing on the value of her house. her annual premium will stay the same. c. the new fire department will reduce the risk of financial loss in her home. her annual premium should decrease. d. with a fire department so close (less than 5 miles), financial risk on jennifer’s home practically disappears. she will not need to pay insurance anymore.
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The green company, an accrual basis taxpayer, provides business-consulting services. clients general...

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