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Carlina operates an automobile parts manufacturing plant in chillicothe, ohio. she has automotive customers in michigan, ohio, tennessee, georgia and indiana. because most of her customers insist on just in time inventory management she needs to know exactly when the shipments of her product to the customer will arrive. carlina uses transportation for this part of her business.

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Christopher kim, cfa, is a banker with batts brothers, an investment banking firm. kim follows the energy industry and has frequent contact with industry executives. kim is contacted by the ceo of a large oil and gas corporation who wants batts brothers to underwrite a secondary offering of the company's stock. the ceo offers kim the opportunity to fly on his private jet to his ranch in texas for an exotic game hunting expedition if kim's firm can complete the underwriting within 90 days. according to cfa institute standards of conduct, kim: a) may accept the offer as long as he discloses the offer to batts brothers. b) may not accept the offer because it is considered lavish entertainment. c) must obtain written consent from batts brothers before accepting the offer.
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Carlina operates an automobile parts manufacturing plant in chillicothe, ohio. she has automotive cu...

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