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Acountry finds itself in the following situation: a government budget deficit of $800; total domestic savings of $1800, and total domestic physical capital investment of $1300. according to the national saving and investment identity, what is the current account balance?

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Which of the following accurately describes a situation in which consumers have elastic demand? a. a restaurant starts using margarine instead of butter because butter becomes more expensive. b. consumers boycott a restaurant because the waiters aren't paid minimum wage. c. a company starts using sugar instead of corn syrup because its revenues are up. d. people give up eating pasta and bread because they want to lose weight. 2b2t
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Aresearch report summarizes the results of the hypothesis test by stating, "z = 2.13, p < .05." according to this report,
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Suppose jamal purchases a pair of running shoes online for $60. if his state has a sales tax on clothing of 6 percent, how much is he required to pay in state sales tax?
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Specialization—the division of labor—enhances productivity and efficiency by a) allowing workers to take advantage of existing differences in their abilities and skills. b) avoiding the time loss involved in shifting from one production task to another. c) allowing workers to develop skills by working on one, or a limited number, of tasks. d)all of the means identified in the other answers.
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Acountry finds itself in the following situation: a government budget deficit of $800; total domes...

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