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Accounts receivable $1,050,000allowance (90,000)cash realizable value $960,000during 2007 sales on account were $290,000 and collections on account were $172,000. also during 2007 the company wrote off $16,000 in uncollectible accounts. an analysis of outstanding receivable accounts at year end indicated that bad debts should be estimated at $108,000.52. bad debts expense for 2007 isa. $ 34,000b. $ 18,000c. $108,000d. $ 2,000

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The following extract was taken from the worksheet of special events bakers for the year 2019. special events bakers worksheet december​ 31, 2019 account names cash equipment accumulated depreciation minus− equipment unadjusted trial balance debit credit $ 6 comma 800$6,800 15 comma 20015,200 $ 8 comma 500$8,500 adjusted trial balance debit credit $ 6 comma 800$6,800 15 comma 20015,200 $ 10 comma 000$10,000 for the above​ information, determine the amount of depreciation expense for the equipment used in the business
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The selling price of houses would be most likely to decrease if there were first a decrease in which of the following? a. new-housing construction. b. mortgage interest rates. c. the unemployment rate. d. construction workers' wages. 2b2t
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Anews story from 2015 about the oil market stated, "the global glut of crude that has hit [oil] prices is starting to shrink."source: christopher harder, "investors take closer look at output," wall street journal, may 18, . in referring to a "global glut of crude," the article describes the result of a significant change resulted in . in response to the global glut of oil, the market price . the glut will start to shrink when crude oil producers
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Exercise 18-15 sheffield appliance center is an experienced home appliance dealer. sheffield appliance center also offers a number of services for the home appliances that it sells. assume that sheffield appliance center sells ovens on a standalone basis. sheffield appliance center also sells installation services and maintenance services for ovens. however, sheffield appliance center does not offer installation or maintenance services to customers who buy ovens from other vendors. pricing for ovens is as follows. oven only $790 oven with installation service 850 oven with maintenance services 970 oven with installation and maintenance services 990 in each instance in which maintenance services are provided, the maintenance service is separately priced within the arrangement at $180. additionally, the incremental amount charged by sheffield appliance center for installation approximates the amount charged by independent third parties. ovens are sold subject to a general right of return. if a customer purchases an oven with installation and/or maintenance services, in the event sheffield appliance center does not complete the service satisfactorily, the customer is only entitled to a refund of the portion of the fee that exceeds $790. assume that a customer purchases an oven with both installation and maintenance services for $990. (b) indicate the amount of revenue that should be allocated to the oven, the installation, and to the maintenance contract.
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Accounts receivable $1,050,000allowance (90,000)cash realizable value $960,000during 2007 sales on a...

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