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Which of the following statements is true? a. the required return on a firm's common stock is, in theory, determined solely by its market risk. if the market risk is known, and if that risk is expected to remain constant, then no other information is required to specify the firm's required return. b. portfolio diversification reduces the variability of returns (as measured by the standard deviation) of each individual stock held in a portfolio. c. if an investor buys enough stocks, he or she can, through diversification, eliminate all of the diversifiable risk inherent in owning stocks. therefore, if a portfolio contained all publicly traded stocks, it would be essentially riskless. d. a security's beta measures its non-diversifiable, or market, risk relative to that of an average stock. e. a stock's beta is less relevant as a measure of risk to an investor with a well-diversified portfolio than to an investor who holds only that one stock.

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Imagine that tesla's stock price fell significantly. next, tesla's competitor general motors makes an unsolicited bid to acquire tesla, fires musk and other executives, and appoints new executives with the goal of improving the company's performance. this mechanism is known as: 1. executive compensation2. board of directors3. market for corporate control4. downsizing
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Ming chen began a professional practice on june 1 and plans to prepare financial statements at the end of each month. during june, ming chen (the owner) completed these transactions. a. owner invested $61,000 cash in the company along with equipment that had a $25,000 market value. b. the company paid $1,900 cash for rent of office space for the month. c. the company purchased $15,000 of additional equipment on credit (payment due within 30 days). d. the company completed work for a client and immediately collected the $2,100 cash earned. e. the company completed work for a client and sent a bill for $7,000 to be received within 30 days. f. the company purchased additional equipment for $5,500 cash. g. the company paid an assistant $3,000 cash as wages for the month. h. the company collected $5,200 cash as a partial payment for the amount owed by the client in transaction e. i. the company paid $15,000 cash to settle the liability created in transaction c. j. owner withdrew $1,500 cash from the company for personal use. required: enter the impact of each transaction on individual items of the accounting equation. (enter decreases to account balances with a minus sign.)
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Vulcan flyovers offers scenic overflights of mount st. helens, the volcano in washington state that explosively erupted in 1982. data concerning the company’s operations in july appear below: vulcan flyovers operating data for the month ended july 31 actual results flexible budget planning budget flights (q) 56 56 54 revenue ($350.00q) $ 16,500 $ 19,600 $ 18,900 expenses: wages and salaries ($3,300 + $91.00q) 8,354 8,396 8,214 fuel ($31.00q) 1,904 1,736 1,674 airport fees ($870 + $35.00q) 2,730 2,830 2,760 aircraft depreciation ($11.00q) 616 616 594 office expenses ($240 + $1.00q) 464 296 294 total expense 14,068 13,874 13,536 net operating income $ 2,432 $ 5,726 $ 5,364 the company measures its activity in terms of flights. customers can buy individual tickets for overflights or hire an entire plane for an overflight at a discount. required: 1. prepare a flexible budget performance report for july that includes revenue and spending variances and activity variances.
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In a team environment, a coordinator is? a person with expert knowledge or skills in a particular area the team needs. a good listener who works to resolve social problems among teammates. a leader who team members focus on their tasks. a good networker who likes to explore new ideas and possiblities.
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