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Amonopolist with total cost function = 2 + 1 4 2 faces a market demand function of ) = 25 − in market a and ) = 25 − in market b. a) suppose the monopolist engages in 3rd degree price discrimination. calculate monopolist’s profit maximizing prices and quantities for each market. b) suppose the monopolist must charge a uniform price to each of the consumer types. calculate the monopolist’s profit-maximizing price and quantity sold under uniform pricing

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1. gar principles or "the principles"are intended to do what?
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The term “planned redundancy” refers to
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Nellie lumpkin, who suffered from dementia, was admitted to the picayune convalescent center, a nursing home. because of her mental condition, her daughter, beverly mcdaniel, signed the admissions agreement. it included a clause requiring the par- ties to submit any dispute to arbitration. after lumpkin left the center two years later, she filed a suit against picayune to recover damages for mistreatment and malpractice. [covenant health & rehabilitation of picayune, lp v. lumpkin, 23 so.2d 1092 (miss. app. 2009)] (see page 91.) 1. is it ethical for this dispute—involving negligent medical care, not a breach of a commercial contract—to be forced into arbitration? why or why not? discuss whether medical facilities should be able to impose arbitration when there is generally no bargaining over such terms.
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You work directly for the mayor of a small upstate town, honesty, ny, as controller. the town had financial difficulties in the past and came up with a way to raise money. the nys thruway runs near the town and there is a stretch of highway where there is a steep decline. most cars hit 70 mph unless the driver has his/her foot on the brake. the idea was to put up a few signs indicating that the maximum speed limit in the county is 55 mph – photo enforced. the police installed some cameras at the top and the base of the steep hill. people exceeding the speed limit received letters in the mail with a choice: pay $400 and no penalty points for speeding or appear in the honesty, ny court to state your case. of course, if you lose the case in court, you get points for speeding in addition to the fine, and your car insurance premium goes up. since 99% of the people driving through do not live near honesty, most people would rather spend $400 than waste a day in court. going to court in honesty often takes more than a day. in fact, the judge has been known to throw people in jail if they are disrespectful. the policy has been working quite well and revenues generated by tickets exceed $5 million a year. you have been thinking about the ethics of this. what are the alternatives? what are your recommendations? why do you recommend this course of action?
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