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Asimple model of a firm describes it as an entity that buys – (for example, labor) and sells – (goods and services). a firm’s input prices, which affect costs, are generally – in the short run, while a firm’s output prices, which affect revenue, are –. therefore, an increase in the short-run price level raises revenue – than costs, so firms produce more in the short run. consequently, the sras curve slopes upward.

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Alocation analysis has been narrowed down to two locations, akron and boston. the main factors in the decision will be the supply of raw materials, which has a weight of .50, transportation cost, which has a weight of .40, and labor cost, which has a weight of .10. the scores for raw materials, transportation, and labor are for akron 60, 80, and 70, respectively; for boston 70, 50, and 90, respectively. given this information and a minimum acceptable composite score of 75, we can say that the manager should:
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Case in point 1.2 suppose you work in the it department of global hotels, a multinational hotel chain. global hotels runs several specialized business support systems, including a guest reservations system that was developed in-house to meet the requirements of a large company with worldwide operations. guests can make one-stop online reservations by visiting global's website, which has links to all major travel industry sites. global hotels just acquired momma's, a regional chain of 20 motels in western canada. momma's uses a vertical reservations package suitable for small- to medium-sized businesses and a generic accounting and finance package. should momma's use global hotels' information systems or continue with its own? in your answer, consider issues such as business profiles, business processes, system interactivity, edi, ecommerce, and the characteristics of both information systems. what additional information would be to you in making a recommendation?
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What were the different conditions in england and the colonies that resulted in differing responses to criminals​
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Granby foods' (gf) balance sheet shows a total of $25 million long-term debt with a coupon rate of 8.50%. the yield to maturity on this debt is 8.00%, and the debt has a total current market value of $27 million. the company has 10 million shares of stock, and the stock has a book value per share of $5.00. the current stock price is $20.00 per share, and stockholders' required rate of return, r s, is 12.25%. the company recently decided that its target capital structure should have 35% debt, with the balance being common equity. the tax rate is 40%. calculate waccs based on book, market, and target capital structures. what is the sum of these three waccs?
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Asimple model of a firm describes it as an entity that buys – (for example, labor) and sells – (good...

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