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Assume gillette corporation will pay an annual dividend of $0.65 one year from now. analysts expect this dividend to grow at 12% per year thereafter until the fifth year. after then, growth will level off at 2% per year. according to the dividend-discount model, what is the value of a share of gillette stock if the firm’s equity cost of capital is 8%?

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What is the most important factor that affects the value of a company? a) cash flow b) earnings c) supply and demand d) number of employees
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You and your spouse have purchased a new house for your growing family. you own your current house and, having recently gone into business for yourself, you are considering whether to sell the current house or convert it for your own use as a professional office. you acquired your current house three years ago at a cost of $239,000. your maintenance expenses on the house average $300 a month and you pay annual property taxes of $5,200. a recent appraisal on the house valued it at $259,000. if you sell the house you will incur $15,000 in real estate fees. what value should you place on this house when analyzing the option of using it as a professional office?
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Ryan fabrication allocates manufacturing overhead to each job using departmental overhead rates.​ ryan's operations are divided into a metal casting department and a metal finishing department. the casting department uses a departmental overhead rate of​ $52 per machine​ hour, while the finishing department uses a departmental overhead rate of​ $28 per direct labor hour. job a216 used the following direct labor hours and machine hours in the two​ departments: actual results casting department finishing department direct labor hours used 5 12 machine hours used 4 3 the cost for direct labor is​ $32 per direct labor hour and the cost of the direct materials used by job a216 is​ $1,800. what was the total cost of job a216 if ryan fabrication used the departmental overhead rates to allocate manufacturing​ overhead?
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Select the correct answer the smith family adopted a child. the adoption procedure took about three months, and the family incurred various expenses. will the smiths receive and financial benefit for the taxable year? a) they will not receive any financial benefit for adopting the child b) their income tax component will decrease c) they will receive childcare grants d) they will receive a tax credit for the cost borne for adopting the child e) they will receive several tax deductions
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Assume gillette corporation will pay an annual dividend of $0.65 one year from now. analysts expect...

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