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Daily enterprises is purchasing a $10 million machine. it will cost $50,000 to trans- port and install the machine. the machine has a depreciable life of five years and will have no salvage value. if daily uses straight-line depreciation, what are the depreciation expenses associated with this machine?

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He management's discussion and analysis (md& a) required in general purpose federal financial reporting is different than that required by gasb of state and local governments in that: a. it includes information about the agency's performance goals and results in addition to financial activities. b. it is outside the general purpose federal financial report and is optional, not required. c. it is a part of the basic financial statements and, as a result, it is audited along with the financial statements. d. there are no significant differences.
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12. nelson corporation, which has only one product, has provided the following data concerning its most recent month of operations: selling price $ 115 units in beginning inventory 380 units produced 5,900 units sold 6,070 units in ending inventory 210 variable costs per unit: direct materials $ 46 direct labor $ 27 variable manufacturing overhead $ 3 variable selling and administrative $ 12 fixed costs: fixed manufacturing overhead $ 112,100 fixed selling and administrative $ 36,420 the company produces the same number of units every month, although the sales in units vary from month to month. the company's variable costs per unit and total fixed costs have been constant from month to month. a. prepare a contribution format income statement for the month using variable costing. unit product cost under variable costing direct materials direct labor variable manufacturing overhead variable costing unit product cost (formula)
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What is the eventual effect on real gdp if the government increases its purchases of goods and services by $80,000? assume the marginal propensity to consume (mpc) is 0.75. $ what is the eventual effect on real gdp if the government, instead of changing its spending, increases transfers by $80,000? assume the mpc has not changed. $ an increase in government transfers or taxes, as opposed to an increase in government purchases of goods and services, will result in an identical eventual effect on real gdp. a smaller eventual effect on real gdp. a larger eventual effect on real gdp. no change to real gdp.
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The following information pertains to julia & company: march 1 beginning inventory = 33 units @ $5.20 march 3 purchased 14 units @ 4.00 march 9 sold 25 units @ 8.60 what is the cost of goods sold for julia & company assuming it uses lifo? (do not round your intermediate calculations. round your answer to the nearest dollar amount.) $105 $130 $113 $100
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Daily enterprises is purchasing a $10 million machine. it will cost $50,000 to trans- port and insta...

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