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Jamie peters invested $100,000 to set up the following portfolio 1 year ago. a. calculate the percentage return of each asset in the portfolio for the year. b. calculate the percentage return of th eportfolio on the asis of origianl cost, using income and gains during the year. c. at the time jamie made his investments, investors were estimating that the market return for the coming year would be 10% the estimate of the risk free rate of return averaged 4% for the coming year. calculate an expected rate of return for each stock on the basis of its beta and the expectations of market and risk free returns. d. on the basis of the actual results, explain how each stock in the portfolio performed relative to those capm genearated expectations of performance. what factors could explain these differences? asset cost weight beta at purch multiplied weight by beta yearly income value todaya 2 0.2 0.8 0.16 1600 2b 35000 0.35 0.95 0.3325 1400 36000c 3 0.3 1.5 0.45 34500d 15000 0.15 1.25 0.1875 375 16500a. 1.13 portfolio beta

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Determine whether each of the following goods is a private good, a public good, a common resource, or a club good. private good public good common resource club good a large, beautiful statue in a park a new keyboard for you to play in your friend's band a dock on a lake that is open to the public
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Traditional and contribution format income statements [lo1-6] todrick company is a merchandiser that reported the following information based on 1,000 units sold: sales $ 180,000 beginning merchandise inventory $ 12,000 purchases $ 120,000 ending merchandise inventory $ 6,000 fixed selling expense $ ? fixed administrative expense $ 7,200 variable selling expense $ 9,000 variable administrative expense $ ? contribution margin $ 36,000 net operating income $ 10,800 required: 1. prepare a contribution format income statement. 2. prepare a traditional format income statement. 3. calculate the selling price per unit. 4. calculate the variable cost per unit. 5. calculate the contribution margin per unit. 6. which income statement format (traditional format or contribution format) would be more useful to managers in estimating how net operating income will change in responses to changes in unit sales?
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Warren enterprises had the following events during year 1: the business issued $26,000 of common stock to its stockholders. the business purchased land for $18,000 cash. services were provided to customers for $22,000 cash. services were provided to customers for $11,000 on account. the company borrowed $22,000 from the bank. operating expenses of $18,000 were incurred and paid in cash. salary expense of $1,400 was accrued. a dividend of $10,000 was paid to the stockholders of warren enterprises. assuming the company began operations during year 1, the amount of retained earnings as of december 31, year 1 would be:
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Ann chovies, owner of the perfect pasta pizza parlor, uses 20 pounds of pepperoni each day in preparing pizzas. order costs for pepperoni are $10.00 per order, and carrying costs are 4 cents per pound per day. lead time for each order is three days, and the pepperoni itself costs $3.00 per pound. if she were to order 80 pounds of pepperoni at a time, what would be the average inventory level?
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Jamie peters invested $100,000 to set up the following portfolio 1 year ago. a. calculate the percen...

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