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Which of the following is a likely procedure to test the adequacy of the allowance for doubtful accounts? a. examine cash receipts received after year-end. b. confirm receivables. c. examine dates of purchase orders. d. foot the receivables lead schedule.

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Which type of market are you in if your company, along with three other companies, controls 95 percent of the total music industry?
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(05.04 mc) a 2012 report from the u. s. surgeon general stated: "another common practice is strategically locating tobacco-related marketing materials where young children will be exposed to them. tobacco industry executives acknowledge that products and advertising should be placed at eye level (pollay 2007), but in california, 48% of stores had at least one cigarette marketing item at or below 3 feet from the floor (feighery et al. 2001)." it was also noted that 25% of cigarette displays were next to candy. in addition, a national study found that about one-third of the stores had tobacco ads at low heights. after california banned counter displays, some stores place cigarettes in transparent displays so product brands could still be seen. why did some stores use transparent units to display the cigarettes? (3 points) to comply with the new rules while still encouraging cigarette purchases via visual exposure to ensure children and minors are not exposed to cigarettes and their eye-catching packaging to minimize exposure to humidity, extending the shelf life of the cigarettes' tobacco to reduce the occurrence of shoplifting, since cigarettes are high-revenue items
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Rachel died in 2014 and her executor is finalizing her estate tax return. the executor has determined that rachel’s adjusted gross estate is $10,120,000 and that her estate is entitled to a charitable deduction in the amount of $500,000. using 2014 rates, calculate the estate tax liability for rachel’s estate.
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Milton inc. is a large corporation preparing to acquire quick grow, a start-up business. milton has many policies and procedures based on years of experience. employees at quick grow are used to figuring out the best practices as they go along. how can milton's hr professionals the company prepare for the acquisition to succeed in spite of these differences? a. by replacing quick grow's employees with new employees who will follow rules. b. by reassuring everyone that any differences will disappear after the acquisition. c. by identifying the differences and developing employees' skills in conflict resolution. d. by planning systems to ensure there are no conflicts following the acquisition. e. by training employees in how to set up new hr systems
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