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3.36 european roulette. the game of european roulette involves spinning a wheel with 37 slots: 18 red, 18 black, and 1 green. a ball is spun onto the wheel and will eventually land in a slot, where each slot has an equal chance of capturing the ball. gamblers can place bets on red or black. if the ball lands on their color, they double their money. if it lands on another color, they lose their money.

(a) suppose you play roulette and bet $3 on a single round. what is the expected value and standard deviation of your total winnings?
(b) suppose you bet $1 in three different rounds. what is the expected value and standard deviation of your total winnings?
(c) how do your answers to parts (a) and (b) compare? what does this say about the riskiness of the two games?

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Amber mining and milling, inc., contracted with truax corporation to have constructed a custom-made lathe. the machine was completed and ready for use on january 1, 2018. amber paid for the lathe by issuing a $500,000, three-year note that specified 6% interest, payable annually on december 31 of each year. the cash market price of the lathe was unknown. it was determined by comparison with similar transactions that 8% was a reasonable rate of interest. (fv of $1, pv of $1, fva of $1, pva of $1, fvad of $1 and pvad of $1) (use appropriate factor(s) from the tables provided.) required: 1-a. complete the table below to determine the price of the equipment. 1-b. prepare the journal entry on january 1, 2018, for amber mining and milling's purchase of the lathe. 2. prepare an amortization schedule for the three-year term of the note. 3. prepare the journal entries to record (a) interest for each of the three years and (b) payment of the note at maturity.
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Corporations with suppliers, vendors, and customers all over the globe are referred to as : a) global corporations b) international corporations c) multinational corporations d) multicultural corporations
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Insurance companies have internal controls in place to protect assets, monitor the accuracy of accounting records and encourage operational efficiencies and adherence to policies. these internal controls are generally of two types: administrative controls and accounting controls. administrative controls are the policies and procedures that guide the daily actions of employees. accounting controls are the policies and procedures that delineate authorizations of financial transactions that are done, safeguard assets, and provide reports on the company’s financial status in a reliable and timely manner. internal controls should include both preventative and detective controls. the purpose of preventative controls is to stop problems and errors before they occur. detective controls identify problems after they have occurred. preventative controls are usually more effective at reducing problems, but they also tend to be more expensive. internal controls must be flexible to adjust for changes in laws and regulations in addition to adding new products or modifying current ones. companies must also do regular analyses to ensure that the benefits of implementing the controls are worth their costs. when concerned about paying unwarranted insurance claims which type of control would be useful?
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What is the state tax rate for a resident of arizona whose annual taxable income is $18,000?
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3.36 european roulette. the game of european roulette involves spinning a wheel with 37 slots: 18 r...

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