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Nico and oscar form a contract under which oscar is to perform gardening services for nico for one year. for six months, oscar performs the services, and nico pays him. nico’s mother, madison, becomes ill and is unable to care for her garden. the three agree that oscar will no longer care for nico’s garden but instead will care for madison’s garden for the remainder of the year. the new contract:

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Insurance companies have internal controls in place to protect assets, monitor the accuracy of accounting records and encourage operational efficiencies and adherence to policies. these internal controls are generally of two types: administrative controls and accounting controls. administrative controls are the policies and procedures that guide the daily actions of employees. accounting controls are the policies and procedures that delineate authorizations of financial transactions that are done, safeguard assets, and provide reports on the company’s financial status in a reliable and timely manner. internal controls should include both preventative and detective controls. the purpose of preventative controls is to stop problems and errors before they occur. detective controls identify problems after they have occurred. preventative controls are usually more effective at reducing problems, but they also tend to be more expensive. internal controls must be flexible to adjust for changes in laws and regulations in addition to adding new products or modifying current ones. companies must also do regular analyses to ensure that the benefits of implementing the controls are worth their costs. when concerned about paying unwarranted insurance claims which type of control would be useful?
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Select the correct answer the smith family adopted a child. the adoption procedure took about three months, and the family incurred various expenses. will the smiths receive and financial benefit for the taxable year? a) they will not receive any financial benefit for adopting the child b) their income tax component will decrease c) they will receive childcare grants d) they will receive a tax credit for the cost borne for adopting the child e) they will receive several tax deductions
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Samantha is interested in setting up her own accounting firm and wants to specialize in the area of accounting that has experienced the most significant growth in recent years. which area of accounting should she choose as her specialty? samantha should choose as her specialty.
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In a slow year, deutsche burgers will produce 3.500 million hamburgers at a total cost of $4.600 million. in a good year, it can produce 4.300 million hamburgers at a total cost of $4.900 million. a. what are the fixed costs of hamburger production? (do not round intermediate calculations. enter your answer in millions rounded to 1 decimal place) b. what is the variable cost per hamburger? c. what is the average cost per burger when the firm produces 3 million hamburgers?
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Nico and oscar form a contract under which oscar is to perform gardening services for nico for one y...

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