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Which type of business proposal or report is most likely to capture the attention of your manager? explain your choice using information from this reading week's material.

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Garden variety flower shop uses 584 clay pots a month. the annual cost to hold a single pot in inventory for a year is $5. the cost to arrange for another order of pots is $180. if the flower shop orders pots in order to minimize their annual ordering and holding costs, what will their annual ordering and holding costs be
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Discuss how the resource-based view (rbv) of the firm combines the two perspectives of (1) an internal analysis of a firm and (2) an external analysis of its industry and its competitive environment. include comments on the different types of firm resources and how these resources can be used by a firm to build sustainable competitive advantages.
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Greater concern for innovation and quality has shifted the job trend to using more broadly defined jobs. t/f
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Aquatic marine stores company manufactures special metallic materials and decorative fittings for luxury yachts that require highly skilled labor. aquatic uses standard costs to prepare its flexible budget. for the first quarter of the​ year, direct materials and direct labor standards for one of their popular products were as​ follows: direct​ materials: 3 pounds per​ unit; $ 6 per pound direct​ labor: 4 hours per​ unit; $ 19 per hour during the first​ quarter, aquatic produced 5 comma 000 units of this product. actual direct materials and direct labor costs were $ 65 comma 000 and $ 330 comma 000​, respectively. for the purpose of preparing the flexible​ budget, calculate the total standard direct materials cost at a production volume of 5 comma 000 units.
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Which type of business proposal or report is most likely to capture the attention of your manager?...

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