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Bahama catering purchased a commercial dishwasher by paying cash of $8,000. the dishwasher's fair value on the date of the purchase was $10,000. the company incurred $600 in transportation costs, $500 installation fees, and paid $300 annual insurance of the equipment. for what amount will bahama record the dishwasher?
a. $9,100.
b. $8,000.
c. $9,400.
d. $10,000.

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On january 1, 2018, red flash photography had the following balances: cash, $19,000; supplies, $8,700; land, $67,000; deferred revenue, $5,700; common stock $57,000; and retained earnings, $32,000. during 2018, the company had the following transactions: 1. february 15 issue additional shares of common stock, $27,000. 2. may 20 provide services to customers for cash, $42,000, and on account, $37,000. 3. august 31 pay salaries to employees for work in 2018, $30,000. 4. october 1 purchase rental space for one year, $19,000. 5. november 17 purchase supplies on account, $29,000. 6. december 30 pay dividends, $2,700. the following information is available on december 31, 2018: 1. employees are owed an additional $4,700 in salaries. 2. three months of the rental space has expired. 3. supplies of $5,700 remain on hand. 4. all of the services associated with the beginning deferred revenue have been performed. required: 1. record the transactions that occurred during the year.2. record the adjusting entries at the end of the year.3. prepare an adjusted trial balance.4. prepare an income statement, statement of stockholders’ equity, and classified balance sheet.5. prepare closing entries.
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Darby sporting goods inc. has been experiencing growth in the demand for its products over the last several years. the last two olympic games greatly increased the popularity of basketball around the world. as a result, a european sports retailing consortium entered into an agreement with darby's roundball division to purchase basketballs and other accessories on an increasing basis over the next 5 years. to be able to meet the quantity commitments of this agreement, darby had to obtain additional manufacturing capacity. a real estate firm located an available factory in close proximity to darby's roundball manufacturing facility, and darby agreed to purchase the factory and used machinery from encino athletic equipment company on october 1, 2016. renovations were necessary to convert the factory for darby's manufacturing use. the terms of the agreement required darby to pay encino $50,000 when renovations started on january 1, 2017, with the balance to be paid as renovations were completed. the overall purchase price for the factory and machinery was $400,000. the building renovations were contracted to malone construction at $100,000. the payments made, as renovations progressed during 2017, are shown below. the factory was placed in service on january 1, 2018.table: 1st row: blank | 1/1 | 4/1 | 10/1 | 12/312nd row: encino |$50,000 | $90,000 | $110,000 | $150,0003rd row: malone | blank | 30,000| 30,000 |40,000on january 1, 2017, darby secured a $500,000 line-of-credit with a 12% interest rate to finance the purchase cost of the factory and machinery, and the renovation costs. darby drew down on the line-of-credit to meet the payment schedule shown above; this was darby's only outstanding loan during 2017.bob sprague, darby's controller, will capitalize the maximum allowable interest costs for this project. darby's policy regarding purchases of this nature is to use the appraisal value of the land for book purposes and prorate the balance of the purchase price over the remaining items. the building had originally cost encino $300,000 and had a net book value of $50,000, while the machinery originally cost $125,000 and had a net book value of $40,000 on the date of sale. the land was recorded on encino's books at $40,000. an appraisal, conducted by independent appraisers at the time of acquisition, valued the land at $290,000, the building at $105,000, and the machinery at $45,000.angie justice, chief engineer, estimated that the renovated plant would be used for 15 years, with an estimated salvage value of $30,000. justice estimated that the productive machinery would have a remaining useful life of 5 years and a salvage value of $3,000. darby's depreciation policy specifies the 200% declining-balance method for machinery and the 150% declining-balance method for the plant. one-half year's depreciation is taken in the year the plant is placed in service, and one-half year is allowed when the property is disposed of or retired. darby uses a 360-day year for calculating interest costs. instructions(a) determine the amounts to be recorded on the books of darby sporting goods inc. as of december 31, 2017, for each of the following properties acquired from encino athletic equipment ery.(b) calculate darby sporting goods inc.'s 2018 depreciation expense, for book purposes, for each of the properties acquired from encino athletic equipment company.(c) discuss the arguments for and against the capitalization of interest costs
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Sarah needs to complete financial aid packets. during which school year would she do this? sophomore freshman senior junior
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Joe said “your speech was really great, i loved it.” his criticism lacks which component of effective feedback? a) he did not recognize his ethical obligations b) he did not focus on behavior c) he did not stress the positive d) he did not offer any specifics
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