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Ayesha is a strategist for the firm optiks inc., which produces high-quality hd movie cameras. this company needs a specific material for a new camera they are developing, which is manufactured in large quantities by a competitor called expert technology inc. however, this material is difficult to trade. because of this, what is most likely the best strategy for ayesha to suggest?

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John novosel was employed by nationwide insurance company for fifteen years. novosel had been a model employee and, at the time of discharge, was a district claims manager and a candidate for the position of division claims manager. during novosel's fifteenth year of employment, nationwide circulated a memorandum requesting the participation of all employees in an effort to lobby the pennsylvania state legislature for the passage of a certain bill before the body. novosel, who had privately indicated his disagreement with nationwide's political views, refused to lend his support to the lobby, and his employment with nationwide was terminated. novosel brought two separate claims against nationwide, arguing, first, that his discharge for refusing to lobby the state legislature on behalf of nationwide constituted the tort of wrongful discharge in that it was arbitrary, malicious, and contrary to public policy. novosel also contended that nationwide breached an implied contract guaranteeing continued employment so long as his job performance was satisfactory. what decision as to each claim?
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For many years, kellogg's frosted flakes, a ready-to-eat breakfast cereal, was perceived as a cereal for children. tony the tiger, a cartoon character, extolled frosted flakes, and advertisements depicted children enjoying the product with tony in competitive situations. recently, in response to declining sales of frosted flakes, the cereal maker has adopted a new series of advertisements that show adults admitting that they enjoy frosted flakes, too. kellogg's is attempting to
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When color is used on a topographical drawing, black is used to represent what?
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The last time he flew jet value air, juan's plane developed a fuel leak and had to make an 4) emergency landing. the time before that, his plane was grounded because of an electrical problem. juan is sure his current trip will be fraught with problems and he will once again be delayed. this is an example of the bias a) confirmation b) availability c) selective perception d) randomness
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Ayesha is a strategist for the firm optiks inc., which produces high-quality hd movie cameras. this...

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