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At the beginning of 2009, little company bought a bond with a $18 million face value and an annual coupon rate of 7.4%. it has a maturity of 12 years. how much total interest income has little company received through the end of 2014 (cumulatively) if interest is paid semiannually?

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Case in point 1.2 suppose you work in the it department of global hotels, a multinational hotel chain. global hotels runs several specialized business support systems, including a guest reservations system that was developed in-house to meet the requirements of a large company with worldwide operations. guests can make one-stop online reservations by visiting global's website, which has links to all major travel industry sites. global hotels just acquired momma's, a regional chain of 20 motels in western canada. momma's uses a vertical reservations package suitable for small- to medium-sized businesses and a generic accounting and finance package. should momma's use global hotels' information systems or continue with its own? in your answer, consider issues such as business profiles, business processes, system interactivity, edi, ecommerce, and the characteristics of both information systems. what additional information would be to you in making a recommendation?
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Grey company holds an overdue note receivable of $800,000 plus recorded accrued interest of $64,000. the effective interest rate is 8%. as the result of a court-imposed settlement on december 31, year 3, grey agreed to the following restructuring arrangement: reduced the principal obligation to $600,000.forgave the $64,000 accrued interest. extended the maturity date to december 31, year 5.annual interest of $40,000 is to be paid to grey on december 31, year 4 and year 5. the present value of the interest and principal payments to be received by grey company discounted for two years at 8% is $585,734. grey does not elect the fair value option for reporting the debt modification. on december 31, year 3, grey would recognize a valuation allowance for impaired loans of
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The term “planned redundancy” refers to
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Lanni products is a start-up computer software development firm. it currently owns computer equipment worth $30,000 and has cash on hand of $20,000 contributed by lanni's owners. choose the correct answer in the following statements about financial and real assets. a. lanni takes out a bank loan. it receives $50,000 in cash and signs a note promising to pay back the loan over three years. the bank loan is a for lanni. lanni's $50,000 iou is the bank's . the cash lanni receives is a . the new financial asset is lanni's promissory note held by the bank. b. lanni uses the cash from the bank plus $20,000 of its own funds to finance the development of new financial planning software. the cash paid by lanni is the transfer of a to the software developer. in return, lanni gets a , the completed software. c. lanni sells the software product to microsoft, which will market it to the public under the microsoft name. lanni accepts payment in the form of 2,000 shares of microsoft stock. lanni sells the software, which is a , to microsoft. in exchange lanni receives a , 2,000 shares of microsoft stock. a new financial asset is if microsoft issues new shares. d. lanni sells the shares of stock for $70 per share and uses part of the proceeds to pay off the bank loan. in selling 2,000 shares of stock for $140,000, lanni is exchanging one for another. in paying off the iou with $50,000, lanni is exchanging . the loan is in the transaction, since it is retired when paid.
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