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When the yield curve is upward-sloping, then: short-maturity bonds offer the highest coupon rates. long-maturity bonds are priced above par value. short-maturity bonds yield less than long-maturity bonds. long-maturity bonds increase in price when interest rates increase.

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The packaging department started the month with 600 units in​ process, received 1 comma 600 units from the finishing​ department, and transferred 1 comma 900 units to finished goods. direct materials are added at the beginning of the process and conversion costs are incurred evenly. the units still in process at the end of the month are 30​% complete for conversion costs. calculate the number of units still in process at the end of the month and the equivalent units of production. the company uses the​ weighted-average method.
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Aprice ceiling is “binding” if the price ceiling is set below the equilibrium price. suppose that the equilibrium price is $5. if a price ceiling is set at $6, this will not affect the market in any way since $5 remains a legally allowable price (since $5 < $6). a price ceiling of $6 is called a “non-binding” price ceiling. on the other hand, if the price ceiling is set at $4, the price ceiling is “binding” because the natural equilibrium price is $5 but that is no longer allowed. what happens when there is a binding price ceiling? at a price below the equilibrium price, quantity demanded exceeds quantity supplied. there is a shortage. normally, price increases eliminate shortages by increasing quantity supplied and decreasing quantity demanded. in this case, however, price increases are not allowed past the price ceiling. we therefore predict that the observed market price will be right at the price ceiling and there will be a permanent shortage. the observed quantity bought and sold will be dictated by the quantity supplied at the price ceiling. although consumers would like to buy more, there are no more units for sale
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The cost of the beginning work in process inventory was comprised of $3,000 of direct materials, $10,000 of direct labor, and $10,000 of factory overhead. costs incurred during the period were comprised of $15,000 of direct materials costs, and $100,000 of conversion costs. the equivalent units of production (eup) for the period were 9,000 for direct materials and 6,000 for conversion. the costs per eup were:
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The textbook defines ethics as “the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group,” and specifically as the standards one uses to decide what their conduct should be. to what extent do you believe that what happened at bp (british petrolium) is as much a breakdown in the company’s ethical systems as it is in its safety systems, and how would you defend your conclusion?
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When the yield curve is upward-sloping, then: short-maturity bonds offer the highest coupon rates. l...

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