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Which of the following statements describes a purpose of an audit program? a. an audit program is used to specify the procedures to be performed in obtaining audit evidence. b. an audit program is used to record the completion of each audit step. c. an audit program is useful for monitoring the progress of the audit. d. all of the above statements describe the purpose of an audit program.

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Which energy career pathways work with renewable energy? check all that apply.
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On july 1, 20x1, black company lent $120,000 to a foreign supplier, evidenced by an interest-bearing note due on july 1, 20x2. the note is denominated in the borrower’s currency and was equivalent to 840,000 lcus on the loan date. the note principal was appropriately included at $140,000 in the receivables section of black’s december 31, 20x1, balance sheet. the note principal was repaid to black on the july 1, 20x2, due date when the exchange rate was 8 lcus to $1. in its income statement for the year ended december 31, 20x2, what amount should black include as a foreign currency transaction gain or loss on the note principal?
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"in my opinion, we ought to stop making our own drums and accept that outside supplier's offer," said wim niewindt, managing director of antilles refining, n. v., of aruba. "at a price of $21 per drum, we would be paying $4.70 less than it costs us to manufacture the drums in our own plant. since we use 70,000 drums a year, that would be an annual cost savings of $329,000." antilles refining's current cost to manufacture one drum is given below (based on 70,000 drums per year):
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Which of the following statements describes a purpose of an audit program? a. an audit program is us...

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