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Which of the following is least likely to be typically considered to be an alternate procedure for handling nonreplies to accounts receivable confirmations? a. examine bills of lading. b. physically examine items sold. c. examine correspondence. d. examine subsequent cash receipts.

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On january 1, 2018, red flash photography had the following balances: cash, $19,000; supplies, $8,700; land, $67,000; deferred revenue, $5,700; common stock $57,000; and retained earnings, $32,000. during 2018, the company had the following transactions: 1. february 15 issue additional shares of common stock, $27,000. 2. may 20 provide services to customers for cash, $42,000, and on account, $37,000. 3. august 31 pay salaries to employees for work in 2018, $30,000. 4. october 1 purchase rental space for one year, $19,000. 5. november 17 purchase supplies on account, $29,000. 6. december 30 pay dividends, $2,700. the following information is available on december 31, 2018: 1. employees are owed an additional $4,700 in salaries. 2. three months of the rental space has expired. 3. supplies of $5,700 remain on hand. 4. all of the services associated with the beginning deferred revenue have been performed. required: 1. record the transactions that occurred during the year.2. record the adjusting entries at the end of the year.3. prepare an adjusted trial balance.4. prepare an income statement, statement of stockholders’ equity, and classified balance sheet.5. prepare closing entries.
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Which of the following is an example of a positive externality​? a. promoting generic drugs would benefit people. b. a lower inflation rate would benefit most consumers. c. compulsory flu shots for all students prevents the spread of illness in the general public. d. singapore has adopted a comprehensive savings plan for all workers known as the central provident fund.
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Rankin pharmaceutical company maintains a debt-equity ratio of 0.65 and has a tax rate of 32 percent. the firm does not issue preferred stock. the pre-tax cost of debt is 9.8 percent. there are 25,000 shares of stock outstanding with a beta of 1.2 and a market price of $19 a share. the current market risk premium is 8.5 percent and the current risk-free rate is 3.6 percent. this year, the firm paid an annual dividend of $1.10 a share and expects to increase that amount by 2 percent each year. using an average expected cost of equity, what is the weighted average cost of capital?
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Winners of the georgia lotto drawing are given the choice of receiving the winning amount divided equally over 2121 years or as a​ lump-sum cash option amount. the cash option amount is determined by discounting the annual winning payment at 88​% over 2121 years. this week the lottery is worth ​$1616 million to a single winner. what would the cash option payout​ be?
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