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Afirm's hr department uses a computer system that assists in the selection of candidates to be interviewed for a job opening. the computer system enables the interviewer to act as both an interviewee and interviewer in a simulation, thus providing the hr specialist with comprehensive knowledge about the firm's overall interview and selection process. this computer system is likely to be a(n)

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Perez, inc., applies the equity method for its 25 percent investment in senior, inc. during 2018, perez sold goods with a 40 percent gross profit to senior, which sold all of these goods in 2018. how should perez report the effect of the intra-entity sale on its 2018 income statement?
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Madsen motors's bonds have 16 years remaining to maturity. interest is paid annually; they have a $1,000 par value; the coupon interest rate is 8%; and the yield to maturity is 9%. what is the bond's current market price? round your answer to the nearest cent.
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Hilary works at klothes kloset. she quickly the customers, and her cash drawer is always correct at the end of her shift. however, she never tries to "upsell" the customers (for example, by asking if they would like to purchase earrings to go with the shirt they chose or by suggesting a purse that matches the shoes they are buying). give hilary some constructive feedback on her performance.
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Which of the following constitute the types of unemployment occurring at the natural rate of unemployment? a. frictional and cyclical unemployment. b. structural and frictional unemployment. c. cyclical and structural unemployment. d. frictional, structural, and cyclical unemployment.
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Afirm's hr department uses a computer system that assists in the selection of candidates to be inter...

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