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Assume that andretti company has sufficient capacity to produce 113,100 daks each year without any increase in fixed manufacturing overhead costs. the company could increase its unit sales by 30% above the present 87,000 units each year if it were willing to increase the fixed selling expenses by $150,000. what is the financial advantage (disadvantage) of investing an additional $150,000 in fixed selling expenses?

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Asavings account that pays interest every 3 months is said to have a interest period
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The wall street journal reported that walmart stores inc. is planning to lay off 2,300 employees at its sam's club warehouse unit. approximately half of the layoffs will be hourly employees (the wall street journal, january 25-26, 2014). suppose the following data represent the percentage of hourly employees laid off for 15 sam's club stores. 55 56 44 43 44 56 60 62 57 45 36 38 50 69 65 (a) compute the mean and median percentage of hourly employees being laid off at these stores. (b) compute the first and third quartiles. (c) compute the range and interquartile range. (d) compute the variance and standard deviation. (e) do the data contain any outliers? (f) based on the sample data, does it appear that walmart is meeting its goal for reducing the number of hourly employees?
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Why does an organization prepare a balance sheet? a. to reveal what the organization owns and owes at a point in time b. to reveal how well the company utilizes its cash c. to calculate retained earnings for a given accounting period d. to calculate gross profit for a given accounting period
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Kyle and alyssa paid $1,000 and $4,000 in qualifying expenses for their two daughters jane and jill, respectively, to attend the university of california. jane is a sophomore and jill is a freshman. kyle and alyssa's agi is $135,000 and they file a joint return. what is their allowable american opportunity tax credit after the credit phase-out based on agi is taken into account?
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Assume that andretti company has sufficient capacity to produce 113,100 daks each year without any i...

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