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In order to buy most homes, you have to arrange an up front payment of a portion of the house value, called a
a. mortgage
b. closing fee
c. down payment
d. utility cost

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On january 1, 2018, red flash photography had the following balances: cash, $19,000; supplies, $8,700; land, $67,000; deferred revenue, $5,700; common stock $57,000; and retained earnings, $32,000. during 2018, the company had the following transactions: 1. february 15 issue additional shares of common stock, $27,000. 2. may 20 provide services to customers for cash, $42,000, and on account, $37,000. 3. august 31 pay salaries to employees for work in 2018, $30,000. 4. october 1 purchase rental space for one year, $19,000. 5. november 17 purchase supplies on account, $29,000. 6. december 30 pay dividends, $2,700. the following information is available on december 31, 2018: 1. employees are owed an additional $4,700 in salaries. 2. three months of the rental space has expired. 3. supplies of $5,700 remain on hand. 4. all of the services associated with the beginning deferred revenue have been performed. required: 1. record the transactions that occurred during the year.2. record the adjusting entries at the end of the year.3. prepare an adjusted trial balance.4. prepare an income statement, statement of stockholders’ equity, and classified balance sheet.5. prepare closing entries.
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The monthly payment m of a loan of amount p for y years with an interest rate r can be calculated by the formula: m = p(r/12) 1 â’ (1 + r/12)â’12y calculate the monthly payment and the cummulative total payment for a $100,000 loan with an interest rate of 4.85% if taken out for 10 years, for 11 years, etc., up to a 30 year term. display the results in a three-column table where the first column is the number of years, the second is the monthly payment, and the third is the cummulative total payment. note: use format bank; for this problem. also, remember to represent the interest rate as a decimal (e. g. 0.0485) 2. a torus-shaped water tube is designed to have a volume of 8, 000in3 . the volume of the tube, v , and its surface area, s, are given by: v = 1 4 ď€ 2 (a + b)(b â’ a) 2 s = ď€ 2 (b 2 â’ a 2 ) if a = kb, determine s, a, and b for k = 0.2, 0.3, 0.7. display the results in a table
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Overspeculation and a decrease in consumer confidence are both leading factors of: ?
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Oerstman, inc. uses a standard costing system and develops its overhead rates from the current annual budget. the budget is based on an expected annual output of 120,000 units requiring 480,000 direct labor hours.(practical capacity is 500,000 hours)annual budgeted overhead costs total $772,800, of which $556,800 is fixed overhead. a total of 119,300 units, using 478,000 direct labor hours, were produced during the year. actual variable overhead costs for the year were $260,400 and actual fixed overhead costs were $555,450.required: 1. compute the fixed overhead spending variance and indicate if favorable or unfavorable.2. compute the fixed overhead volume variance and indicate if favorable or unfavorable.
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In order to buy most homes, you have to arrange an up front payment of a portion of the house value,...

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