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In order to buy most homes, you have to arrange an up front payment of a portion of the house value, called a
a. mortgage
b. closing fee
c. down payment
d. utility cost

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Asimple structure is characterized by1. high specialization and low centralization2. low specialization and high centralization3. low specialization and low centralization4. high specialization and high centralization5. none of the above
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Virtually all economists agree that sales taxes are regressive, and the burden of the sales tax falls most heavily on those with lower incomes. most consider this to be unfair. which of the following statements correctly explain why most states have a sales tax? i. the sales tax gives the poor an incentive to work harder. ii. there are more poor people so to have them pay their fair share, they have to pay a higher percentage. iii. the sales tax is relatively easy for the state and local governments to collect. iv. if the rich pay most of the income taxes in america, then the poor can pay the sales tax. v. states without sales taxes tend to have the lowest average incomes.
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Cosmetic profits. sally is the executive vice president of big name cosmetics company. through important and material, nonpublic information, she learns that the company is soon going to purchase a smaller chain of stores. it is expected that stock in big name cosmetics will rise dramatically at that point. sally immediately buys a number of shares of her company's stock. she also tells her friend alice about the expected purchase of stores. alice wanted to purchase stock in the company but lacked the funds with which to do so. although she did not have the funds in bank a, alice decided to draw a check on bank a and deposit the check in bank b and then proceed to write a check on bank b to cover the purchase of the stock. she hoped that she would have sufficient funds to deposit before the check was presented for payment. of which of the following offenses, if any, is alice guilty of by buying stock?
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Miko willingly admits that she is not an accountant by training. she is concerned that her balance sheet might not be correct. she has provided you with the following additional information. 1. the boat actually belongs to miko, not to skysong, inc.. however, because she thinks she might take customers out on the boat occasionally, she decided to list it as an asset of the company. to be consistent, she also listed as a liability of the corporation her personal loan that she took out at the bank to buy the boat. 2. the inventory was originally purchased for $27,500, but due to a surge in demand miko now thinks she could sell it for $39,600. she thought it would be best to record it at $39,600. 3. included in the accounts receivable balance is $11,000 that miko loaned to her brother 5 years ago. miko included this in the receivables of skysong, inc. so she wouldn’t forget that her brother owes her money. (b) provide a corrected balance sheet for skysong, inc.. (hint: to get the balance sheet to balance, adjust stockholders’ equity.) (list assets in order of liquidity.)
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In order to buy most homes, you have to arrange an up front payment of a portion of the house value,...

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