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Describe the goal of a market economy

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The federal act which provided over $7 billion to the epa to protect and promote "green" jobs and a healthier environment is the - national environmental policy act. - resource recovery act.- resource conservation and recovery act.- american recovery and reinvestment act. - clean air act.
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The board of directors is the highest ranking body in a corporation, and the chairman of the board is the highest ranking individual. the ceo generally works under the board and its chairman, and the board generally has the authority to remove the ceo under certain conditions. the ceo, however, cannot remove the board, but he or she can endeavor to have the board voted out and a new board voted in should a conflict arise. it is possible for a person to simultaneously serve as ceo and chairman of the board, though many corporate control experts believe it is bad to vest both offices in the same person. true false
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Abusiness cycle reflects in economic activity, particularly real gdp. the stages of a business cycle
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Xinhong company is considering replacing one of its manufacturing machines. the machine has a book value of $40,000 and a remaining useful life of 5 years, at which time its salvage value will be zero. it has a current market value of $50,000. variable manufacturing costs are $33,100 per year for this machine. information on two alternative replacement machines follows.
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