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The president of a large shipping company calls these workers the backbone of the company. they don’t drive trucks, planes, or trains, nor do they load these vehicles, plan logistics, or interact with the public. who are these workers?

ticket agents who take reservations and orders and perform related functions

b.) mechanics, who maintain and repair transportation equipment and vehicles

c.) cargo inspectors, who examine the storage and shipping of products

d.) traffic technicians, who identify ways to improve traffic flow

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Which of the following statements is not correct? 1) trade allows for specialization. 2) trade has the potential to benefit all nations. 3) trade allows nations to consume outside of their production possibilities curves. 4) absolute advantage is the driving force of specialization.
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An example of a work team would be a band traveling around the country for six months, playing shows at different venues. group of four workers making a specific part on the production line of an automobile factory. team that oversees the functioning of all the teams in an organization and coordinates activities among teams. team composed of interior designers, architects, and builders involved in designing and creating the layout of a new hotel. quality control team at a factory that oversees the quality of the good produced and recommends changes in production techniques.
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Salty sensations snacks company manufactures three types of snack foods: tortilla chips, potato chips, and pretzels. the company has budgeted the following costs for the upcoming period: 1 factory depreciation $33,782.00 2 indirect labor 84,456.00 3 factory electricity 8,446.00 4 indirect materials 40,356.00 5 selling expenses 26,900.00 6 administrative expenses 17,200.00 7 total costs $211,140.00 factory overhead is allocated to the three products on the basis of processing hours. the products had the following production budget and processing hours per case: budgeted volume (cases) processing hours per case tortilla chips 3,600 0.25 potato chips 5,300 0.11 pretzels 2,300 0.49 total 11,200 required: a. determine the single plantwide factory overhead rate.* b. use the factory overhead rate in (a) to determine the amount of total and per-case factory overhead allocated to each of the three products under generally accepted accounting principles. refer to the amount descriptions list provided for the exact wording of the answer choices for text entries.* * if required, round your answers to the nearest cen
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An insurance company estimates the probability of an earthquake in the next year to be 0.0015. the average damage done to a house by an earthquake it estimates to be $90,000. if the company offers earthquake insurance for $150, what is company`s expected value of the policy? hint: think, is it profitable for the insurance company or not? will they gain (positive expected value) or lose (negative expected value)? if the expected value is negative, remember to show "-" sign. no "+" sign needed for the positive expected value
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The president of a large shipping company calls these workers the backbone of the company. they don’...

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