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What is one valid conclusion the scientist could state

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Use this diagram of an animal cell to answer the question. where does the first stage of cellular respiration occur? w x y z
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Provide one reason why mitosis occurs.
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Many people try to eliminate fat from their diets. which is one reason it is necessary for humans to eat fat? a. eating fat is the fastest way to get energy. b. fat eliminates triglycerides from the body. c. saturated fats clear out the blood vessels. d. fat nerves transmit signals. , this is for apex in summer school.
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The large increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide in the last 50 years most likely comes from a. an increase in cellular respiration b. increased decomposition by bacteria c. an increase in the burning of fossil fuels d. an increase in photosynthesis
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What is one valid conclusion the scientist could state...

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